Pie de imprenta Echoo Konferenzdolmetschen Inicio
Para su información hemos recopilado una pequeña selección de conferencias de los últimos años en las que hemos trabajado como intérpretes.
  • Association of German Family Organizations: European expert meeting: "Growing up digital – How can we make the internet safe for children and young people?", Berlin, 3 July 2017
  • Federal Agency for Civic Education (bpb): "Irresistible?" - International symposium on the phenomenon of corruption, Berlin, 16 - 18 June 2017
  • German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD): Supporting the Belarus roadmap for university reform, Minsk, 19 May 2017
  • Federal Centre for Health Education: Sexuality Education, Berlin, 15-16 May 2017
  • Haus für Poesie: Czech Poetry Days, Berlin, various venues, 10 - 12 April 2017
  • Maxim Gorki Theater: Berlin Correspondences series. "Boundless (dis)order – mobility and borders in transition?", Berlin, 3 December 2016
  • Stiftung Genshagen: Platform for Arts and Cultural Education: The visionary potential of art Arts and cultural education in the context of displacement, arrival and shaping a new future, Genshagen, 22 - 23 September 2016
  • Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung: "Contested Memories of the Difficult Past: Eastern Europe and Its History of the 20th Century", Kiev, 30 September - 2 October 2016